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MoFree by JDO: A Refreshingly Carefree Take on Plant-Based Milk Design

In the world of plant-based milks, brands have evolved from promoting happy health to embracing bold, in-your-face attitudes. MoFree, a new brand creation by JDO, aims to stand out with its distinct carefree character and, of course, cats.

Developed in collaboration with Dali Food Group, a prominent player in the Chinese snack and beverage industry, MoFree is a premium plant-based milk that offers a pure and dairy-free experience. Loaded with essential plant nutrition, plant protein, and dietary fibre, it perfectly embodies the values of a health-conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.



The team at JDO Shanghai was tasked with brand creation, aiming to establish MoFree with a premium identity and packaging design that embodied a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. "What makes this project particularly thrilling is that we didn't face the usual constraints that large brands often do. However, it also presented a unique challenge, as we had to conceive and bring everything to life from scratch," remarked Greenly Lu, Vice President at JDO Shanghai.

Masterfully combining bold simplicity with intricate textures and details, MoFree’s brand world reflects a vibrant lifestyle with a playful and distinctive attitude that truly sets it apart from the plant-free crowd.


Keen to emphasise the brand's carefree personality, JDO created the IP of the charming MoFree cat. Inspired by a direct translation of the brand name, which means "Flying Cats," this playfully positive feline can be frequently spotted soaring alongside ingredients or lounging comfortably, embodying the brand's philosophy of being free to enjoy life on your own terms.

The brandmark features bold letterforms in an ink-stamped illustration style, effectively underscoring the brand's naturally healthy proposition. This aesthetic is consistently applied across all brand communications, contributing to MoFree's overall authentic yet light-hearted appeal.


"Alternative milks are known for challenging conventions. While we sought to capture that energy, we were equally determined to give MoFree a distinctive and genuine narrative that sets it apart with confidence, charisma, and a bit of fun," comments Greenly Lu, VP at JDO Shanghai. "Our design adopts a simple yet whimsical approach, helping MoFree stand out with communication that engages China's dynamic Gen Z, who are always on the lookout for new experiences."

“MoFree seeks to instil a sense of well-being in consumers that aspire to embrace a positive, healthy lifestyle. Instead of being overly serious or confrontational, the MoFree brand world, crafted by JDO, is a place where people can play and thrive," says Qi Jun, Design Manager at Dali Food Group. “As creative partners, the agency has effectively translated our vision into reality, delivering a premium brand identity and packaging that exudes big brand confidence, while retaining the charm of a local favourite and promising a delightfully healthy brand experience.” 



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