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JDO designs packaging for skincare that empowers POC

Offering a premium range of skincare products, MELÉ is designed for and by people with melanin-rich skin. And as with all Unilever brands, MELÉ is underpinned by a strong purpose. In this case, it is to ‘end colourblind skincare’ by empowering people of colour to love the skin they are in.

In designing the packaging, UK-based design consultancy JDO were faced with a unique challenge as well as an opportunity to break some new ground – creating a brand expression that appealed to people of colour, communicating efficacy and empathy with sensitivity and inclusivity.

Breaking free from the old cues, codes and rules of skincare packaging, MELÉ employs a deep red hue that immediately conveys that it is something different, new and special. Lines and curves elegantly juxtapose to convey the meeting of science and beauty, whilst gold foil and varnishes elevate the brand into a premium space. MELÉ’s science-inspired logo appears in a panel, which is simple, but effective in communicating the brand’s unique offering. Balancing these elements makes the range feel desirable and credible, celebrating the beauty of melanin-rich skin in a way that feels authentic and true.

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