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A new look for Lir Chocolates

In love with chocolate

Brand identity and packaging redesign for fine chocolatiers, Lir

JDO was tasked with redefining Lir’s identity as premium purveyor of beautiful, hand-crafted chocolate. 


  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Ireland, UK, Europe
  • Categories: Strategy, 2D, 3D, Brand identity, Design for Production.

There’s no shortage of hand-made, small-batch, chocolate connoisseurs. Like beer and coffee before it, craft confectionery is on the rise and only the best chocolatiers survive. With the market overcrowding and their previous brand image lacking in quality and taste credentials, JDO were tasked with redesigning Lir’s new look and feel. The result? A stunning new brand identity showcasing the Irish chocolatier’s beautiful craftsmanship with a twist of the unexpected.

Lir had all the right ingredients from the outset – delectable recipes, quality ingredients and a mythical heritage steeped in tradition - but their brand image simply wasn’t stacking up. They needed a design overhaul that would come to represent the luxuriousness of the chocolate - hand-finished pralines to decadent, dusty truffles - as well as give a meaningful nod to the Irish mythology of its brand name.  




Lir is a reference to The Children of Lir, a great Irish myth which tells the sorrowful tale of Lir’s four children who were turned into swans by his jealous second wife, Aoife. The swans, chained together forever, took flight into the night sky clouds. JDO brought the Irish legend to life by creating a hand drawn swan symbol, crafting it around the bespoke LIR logotype. Through a contemporary pastel colour palette and metallic textural play - warm neutrals and blushing golds - we created a signature style that artfully expresses the unique craft of each collection.  


Lir is now the epitome of indulgence and impeccable craftsmanship, complete with a brand and packaging redesign to keep their luxurious confections thriving and their consumers inspired.


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