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JDO redesigns Jing Healthcare No.1, China’s leading premium healthcare spirit

The mastery of traditional Chinese medicine and the pinnacle of modern luxury meet in JDO’s redesign of Jing Healthcare No.1, China’s leading premium healthcare spirit.

Aiming to appeal to an elite audience of discerning, health-conscious consumers, the award-winning agency has crafted a bespoke bottle and experiential packaging that encapsulates the legacy and peerless quality of this prestigious brand with precision, reverence and artistry.

Made with meticulously selected, natural ingredients, sourced from rare locations throughout China, Jing Healthcare No. 1 is an exceptional spirit that is meant to be consumed daily to consolidate immunity and provide a comprehensive host of health benefits. With wellbeing increasingly becoming a priority, Jing Healthcare No. 1 recognised the opportunity to elevate its efficacious credentials with an innovative, progressive design that modernised the brand whilst creating an experience of singular refinement.



JDO was engaged to apply their expertise in luxury spirits to craft an ultra-premium bottle and outer packaging that created harmony between a series of different principles: Eastern and Western expressions of premium; modern efficacy and ancient wisdom; functional purpose and aesthetic beauty; simplicity and intricacy.

The final design for Jing Healthcare No. 1 makes a bold, exquisite statement, creating belief in the brand’s rich heritage and expertise whilst delivering a sense of ritual and drama to reinforce its position as China’s leading premium healthcare spirit.

The overarching inspiration for the design was taken from the medicine cabinets used by traditional Chinese medicine masters. This not only serves to amplify the incredible health benefits of Jing Healthcare No.1, but also the meticulousness in the way the precious ingredients are sourced and the Master’s precision in extracting and blending these essences with 15YO Baijiu for an exceptionally refined taste.


All the elements of the Jing Healthcare No.1 ritual are contained within the box with everything having its own distinct place. The stunning bottle features square facets to resemble the drawers of the medicine cabinets. Its structure is both sleek and sturdy, designed to carry the incredible weight of the product whilst driving a modern, understated aesthetic. Glassware can be discovered within narrow drawers with elegant pulls, and feature the brand’s wordmark, which has been updated with an old world Chinese script to honour and respect the brand’s heritage and culture.

“Deep consideration of each interaction was taken to create an elevated sense of status,” comments Paul Drake, Founding Partner and Creative Director at JDO. “The way the box opens and closes, the reveal of the decanter, the balance of the ladle, how it pours, the weight of the drinking glasses in your hand - all these intricate details deliver gravitas whilst the visual synergy between all the elements build a more seamless brand expression. Jing Healthcare No. 1. now stands out and stands proud with a level of premiumness that reflects the elixir within.”

“Jing Healthcare No.1 has always possessed esteemed stature as a premium, comprehensive health spirit that brings together traditional wisdom and world-class technology,” comments Tian Ligang, General Manager, High End Business Unit at Jing Brand Co., LTD. “JDO has weaved together the many stories of the brand and of our product with a design that is both architecturally extravagant and stylishly understated. Their team’s insight-rich approach has successfully moved Jing Healthcare No.1 into the prestigious modern luxury space without sacrificing its authenticity or connection with our heritage. We believe that it will resonate deeply with our audiences and ignite a revolutionary change for the category.”

‘’We are extremely proud of the final result of our creative collaboration with Jing Brand Co.,” comments Drake. “A project like this is incredibly rare, and it gave us the opportunity to be truly ambitious with our creativity. Working with the brand team was a pleasure at every turn and we look forward to continuing this prosperous relationship into the future.’’


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