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Brand guardians taking Dove Hair to new heights


Global partners helping to re-establish Dove at Nº1

We've been in love with Dove for over a decade, since we helped the legendary skin care brand break into the haircare category back in the noughties.

More recently we took the brand forward again with a revolutionary new look built on Dove’s distinctive three dimensional language that revolves around organic geometry. The new packs are more single-minded, taut and crisper than anything Dove has done before and the 3D presentation is bolstered by a more advanced, professional graphic that delivers the brand’s expertise in a bold, confident new look.

  • Client: Dove Haircare
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  • Location: Global
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

We then worked closely with Unilever again to expand the Dove hair care portfolio to include a new range of premium oil treatments that nourish and revitalise hair. The new oil range comprises two variants: a rejuvenating treatment with Anatolian pomegranate seed oil for age depleted hair, and a nourishing treatment with African macadamia oil for all hair types.

The Dove brand is all about care and simplicity. Our challenge was to create a design that balanced these values along with the richness of the new range. The resulting design is simple, elegant and uses delicate illustrations and finishes to evoke premium beauty cues.

“We were tasked with creating beautiful and engaging designs in keeping with and building on Dove hair brand equities. The use of gold on both the bottle and the carton give the products a glamorous, luxurious feel. The little bit of magic comes from the oil illustration which can be seen reflected through the rich liquid as though it’s enveloping the bottle.” Tim Jebb, Principal and Founder, JDO



Oils continue to explode in popularity in the market. We wanted to tap into this trend and provide consumers with oil treatment products through the much loved Dove brand. JDO’s new designs mean that we can expand the Dove range and create a step change in oil treatments for the hair care market.
Renato Rossi, Global Brand Director, Dove Hair Luxury, Unilever

With a successful US launch under our wings, Unilever again approached us to help launch the Dove Advanced Hair Series in the UK.

The Advanced Hair Series is a premium tier product that provides tailored treatments for specific hair needs with advanced weightless moisture formulas that combine luxurious ingredients and top end fragrances.

In the US the portfolio of products were presented in bottles and tottles. For the UK launch we moved the format to a more premium and contemporary tube packaging, using colour inspired transparent caps for each of the platforms: Oxygen Moisture, Youthful Vitality and Pure Care Dry Oil.

The pack designs communicate and hero each individual platform technology with the use of a bespoke gold foil icon. In addition, for the shampoos, we added depth and visibility and uplifted premium cues via the use of graduated metallic colours. Each colour was carefully considered and developed to communicate the platform benefit.

The result is an ultra premium and engaging presentation of Dove’s new Advanced Hair Series range.

JDO’s new premium pack designs represent a big step change for Dove. The new platform provides a much more premium offering from the core Dove hair care range and will allow us to bring the next generation of Dove hair care technology to a broader consumer base.
Renato Rossi, Global Brand Director, Dove hair luxury at Unilever

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