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Cucina Moderna

JDO puts a contemporary twist on Italian tradition with design for new Cucina Moderna™

Strategic design agency JDO has created the visual identity for Cucina Moderna™, a new super-premium range of pasta sauces from Mizkan America. With a stylishly vibrant visual identity, Cucina Moderna is set to disrupt the category, offering a culinary experience that celebrates the evolution of Italian cuisine.

Crafted by visionary chefs who have fearlessly reimagined Italian cuisine by infusing tradition with delightfully imaginative twists, Cucina Moderna invites aspiring at-home cooks to elevate their culinary skills by experimenting with flavors to create new, exciting meals. Initially launched in June at key strategic regional retailers, the brand will launch nationally at Target Supercenters and Albertson’s stores in October.


Tasked with crafting an ultra-premium visual identity that resonates both on and off pack, JDO has deftly captured the very essence of modern Italian cooking while paying due respect to the rich heritage of Italian cuisine.

The world of Cucina Moderna is joyful and unexpected, bursting with taste appeal and style. At the heart of the visual identity is the brand’s bold and proud logo. Derived from a contemporary Italian font, the "C" epitomizes craftsmanship and serves as a representation of the bustling kitchen countertop, where culinary magic unfolds. The red dot signifies the modern chef, expertly transforming high-quality ingredients into exquisite Italian cuisine.

The combination of vivid hues with delicate pastels creates a dynamically modern palette. Sleek, contemporary typefaces infuse a dash of modernity, while the ingredients exude a vitality and excellence, as though meticulously curated by a master chef. This balance between authenticity and artistry amplifies the overall appeal.


"Cucina Moderna aims to shake up the category, but instead of dismissing tradition, we're pushing it forward in a delicious new direction," says Andy Briscoe, Creative Director at JDO. "The visual identity mirrors this blend of respect and innovation. The Cucina Moderna logo acts like a bullseye to grab the attention of the modern consumer while also representing the brand’s dedication to creating exceptional Italian cuisine."

"Cucina Moderna is genuinely game changing, poised to create waves in the category. Its inspired take on Italian cooking is bound to become a kitchen essential across the country," remarks Anya Dange, Director of Innovation at Mizkan America. "JDO's exquisite design masterfully connects the dots between upholding traditions and rejoicing in the contemporary world of Italian cuisine with a lively style and confident attitude."


New Cucina Moderna sauces are available in four chef-crafted varieties including: Robust Marinara and Fire Roasted Vodka (20 oz.), as well as Creamy Alfredo and Peppercorn Cream (15.5 oz.). At a recommended retail price of $7.99, these delicious new sauces will be available in the U.S. at grocery, retail and mass stores nationwide in October.


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