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Olmeca Altos® is ready-to-serve with a premium design by JDO

Olmeca Altos® has partnered with international design agency JDO to design Olmeca Altos Margarita Classic Lime, the award-winning tequila brand’s first foray into the ready-to-serve market. Effortlessly premium with an authentic touch, the design sets Altos apart from the crowd, elevating the ready-to-serve cocktail experience by appealing to consumers’ desire for convenience, quality, and connection.

As the only tequila brand made by bartenders, for bartenders, Altos Tequila was created to craft the perfect cocktail, so it seems only natural that the brand would enter the ready-to-serve market with a premium offering of outstanding quality. JDO’s task was to reflect these high standards in a design that stood out and stood apart with super-premium sophistication and modern style.


“Altos is a stunning brand that exudes premium, craft and genuine warmth,” comments Malcolm Phipps, Associate Creative Director at JDO. “Our challenge was to determine how to flex its lovely equities to reflect the ready-to-serve proposition and create a bit of excitement that would lend itself to the occasion of unwinding at the end of the day and sharing a relaxing moment with the people you care about.”

The design uses the brand’s signature bottle of clear hammered glass to allow the natural colour of the margarita to be seen from within. The brandmark has been dialled up and emboldened in teal, giving it powerful pop at shelf whilst also echoing blue agave, the key ingredient used to make Altos’ premium Plata tequila.


The label features a hand-drawn illustration of a glass, which not only conveys craft and the simplicity of serving but is also cleverly designed with transparent spaces between the ice cubes that enable consumers to see the liquid within, heightening taste appeal in a playful way that catches the eye. The illustration is finished with a lime garnish crafted in a style inspired by Mexican art that reinforces the refreshment of a bar-quality margarita made with only premium ingredients.


By deftly reimagining brand equities, JDO’s design captures new attention for the ready-to-serve proposition without sacrificing the bold clarity and breath-taking beauty that sets Altos above the rest.

“For Altos Margarita Classic Lime, we needed a partner that could convey the vision of this bar-quality product in a way consumers could easily interpret on shelf,” says Juliette Leavey, Senior Manager, Innovation, Pernod Ricard USA. “JDO was a true collaborator; delivering a premium design that exceeded expectations.”




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