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Hi, I’m Vicky. I joined JDO in the summer of 2014, and assist our FD in keeping JDO’s finances in good order.  

I love working with numbers because they're black and white. There's no colouring outside the lines. Numbers to me are fact and I like to work with facts and figures. Just as with design, there is no single approach to figures, but unlike design, there's only one definitive and correct solution, and I love that final figure certainty. Working alongside this team of creative minds every day is inspiring and I admire and appreciate how they push boundaries beyond the capacity of my figure fuelled brain.

Outside of work, I find happiness in exploring new places, relaxing with my dog and watching films on a Sunday. My family and friends would describe me as bubbly, caring and reliable. 

I love the immensely satisfying small things in life. Like pulling up to red traffic lights just as they turn green, getting the perfect amount of raspberry coulis on a vanilla cheesecake and when your reconciliation figures balance without a single discrepancy. But obviously nothing beats a perfectly executed spreadsheet.


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