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Senior Designer
I remember when I was small and realised that everything around us had to be designed at one point.

Yes I loved the idea that even the simplest things - someone sat and thought about them. It was my little eureka moment. I now live for those. It’s the best feeling when you have a brief in front of you and start jotting your sketches down when suddenly - it happens - and you can’t get it out fast enough because it’s the perfect idea.

I love travelling. I want to visit as many countries as possible, and really experience the places I visit. Making memories and seeing new things helps with the eureka moments and always brings a different perspective to life. A good book, a concert, movies or skydiving? Sign me up.

Oh, and if I’m not doing any of the above? I am definitely out looking for the next restaurant to go to. 
Or snacks.
  • I love baking - it’s very meditative
  • I grew up in the mountainside so I love skiing and hiking
  • I'm double jointed! My party trick is touching my thumb down to my forearm

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