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Financial Director

Am I the typical accountant?

After 27 years in finance (18 years of which spent in the design industry) you could say I sleep, walk and talk numbers! Being an accountant and FD in this industry does take you slightly away from the normality of what people view as “a typical accountant”. I love being in this industry, to be around such unique creative people even if they can be a little weird, but of course also fun!

To clear my head of all the figures, I regularly disappear into the mountains in all weathers and many countries. I love the complete solitude, especially on a cold clear February day in snow and ice. I have summited well into the hundreds of mountains ranging from the Scottish Highlands, Spanish Sierras and the Rockies. The pinnacle (excuse the pun) was a month in the Himalayas, climbing through the Khumbu Ice Fall on Everest topping out at almost 23,000 feet. If you want an amazing and dangerous experience and to lose 3 stone that’s the place to go! I’m now planning trips I can do with my son, but at only two he may have to wait a while.

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