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Lead Visualiser

I often find myself still playing with Lego long after the kids have lost interest and gone off and found something else to do.

At the tail-end of the eighties I often found myself playing with paint packages (pre-Photoshop) on an ‘Apple Macintosh Computer’ long after my colleagues had left for the evening.

In 2020, here I am at JDO full-time after 23 years of freelancing around a good chunk of the best design agencies in the UK (and the world).

As a freelancer I enjoyed the transient nature of not knowing where I was going to be or what I was going to be doing the next week. Now I know that next week I’ll be working with a great crowd of people on some great brands and having some fun doing it.

What else makes me happy? Dipping bread in the garlicky oil left behind after the gambas have been eaten, dodging container ships in a little sailboat in the middle of the night and that little two seconds of vinyl static just before the music starts.

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