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Strategy Researcher

Knitwear enthusiast. Taylor Swift lover. Extra pickles please.

A cultural magpie, happiest when 5ft 6 deep in trend, insight and researching. Unhappiest when having to think about how deep the ocean is. From a family of rocket scientists, I’ve always felt very comfortable looking ahead into the future and predicting what may come, while also acknowledging the past and how we should learn from it. I relish that strategy at JDO allows me to merge both my creative tendencies and analytical side.

As a person who attempts to predict trends and patterns in my job, you’d think I’d have less unpredictable experiences happen to me in the rest of my life. Some of such include; being evacuated from jury duty by firemen, accidentally getting cast in my favourite bands music video, and fainting at the opera like a Jane Austen character. When I’m not having lightly theatrical events happen to me, I’m an avid theatre-goer, bookworm, and can probably be found scouring page 42 of a niche vintage fashion eBay search. 



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