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Managing Director, JDO London

When did it all start?

1981. My first brand love. I was 9 years old. The brand was MacGregor. Not Peter Rabbit’s nemesis. Not Ewan. But the world’s greatest golf club used by the world’s greatest golfer, Jack Nicklaus, seen (by me) at the world’s greatest golfing event (The Ryder Cup) at my home club. He was a golfing God and I wanted to be like him. So naturally I wanted MacGregor. And there it is. An irrational emotional connection with an inanimate object. The power of brand and I’ve never looked back.

Stuff that makes me tick? Being the first up for the slopes and the last off them. Early morning or late night swims. The sound of my kids laughter.

I love connecting the dots. For me it's all about creating and connecting fantastic brand design ideas with great clients. I’ve been lucky enough to do this for the last 20 years across FMCG, luxury and service brands. Long may that continue. Onwards!

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