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Design Manager

3D designer, Bike advocate, Ski trip planner.

I came from a background of automotive design, through product design en route to the world of branding. Having been here on and off since the start, It’s been inspiring to see JDO flourish from two men in a basement to the international agency it is today.

I have a theoretical model of the design process in my head that goes something like this: In the middle is a floating object - that’s your design solution. Around it are dozens of elastic bands holding it suspended in space, each one pulling outward in a different direction and representing a design constraint, so if you add, remove or tighten one, the others must compensate. If you want to lower costs, then quality and materials stretch. Sustainable materials essential? Then colours and surface finish have to compromise. For me that word compromise isn’t a negative, it defines the unique equilibrium of a design solution over infinite alternatives. Finding that balance is what makes the design process a beautiful thing.

Other stuff - I love to travel, especially if it’s on a bike, and have managed to cycle to some pretty interesting corners of the planet. Having spent a few years working in the French Alps, I also have a ski habit that needs occasional feeding. Favourite film? In the Shadow of the Moon. The Apollo astronauts in their sunset years, and at their best.

Less, but better.
Dieter Rams, the father of modern industrial design

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