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Studio Manager

How did I end up here?

By a sheer stroke of luck, I ended up working in the design industry 12 years ago. My boyfriend’s best friend Jay put me forward for a job after I found myself yearning for a change of career and I’ve not looked back since.

I’ve always had an appreciation for design and I would consider myself a marketeer’s dream, I buy things because they look nice… more often or not I choose my wine this way, after making sure the tasting notes sound favourable too! Working with such talented creatives is really inspiring and naturally it seeps in to your everyday life. I have a particular fondness for typography and how it can really lift a design, a sentence or word to another level. I find myself judging the kerning and glyphs, which the me of 12 years ago wouldn’t have had the foggiest clue about.

I’ve had some amazing experiences and feel really lucky to be ‘in design’. Having worked at 4 agencies over the years Jay and I are now working together again although you will probably know him as Jimmy!

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