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Head of Client Services

What do I love?

Like Matthew Hilton’s modern classic Balzac chair, I was designed in Hackney and made in Norfolk. I love the anatomy of a Balzac. Its russet hide and double saddle stitch upholstery.  Its continuous curves from the front feet, along the arms and up to the back, forming the portly gentleman’s profile and ending on slanted American oak back legs.

My first recollection of my appreciation for details was when I inspected my mum’s handmade wedding dress and admired the small buttons which had been expertly covered in the same embroidered silk fabric. I inhale details. To this day I’m obsessed with fine materials and processes. An exquisite deboss on a leather handbag, a high gorge on a jacket, the magnetic closure on a lipstick, the walnut shin splints on Eames DSW chairs. Details are important, considered individually and in relation to the whole. Delicious. 

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