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Senior Artworker

Love my gadgets - can’t start my day without my cappuccino - my wife’s amazing homemade curry lunches make everyone jealous.

I didn’t do the traditional college/university route; everything I know was self-taught or learnt through experience. I initially started out as a programmer until I got to use my first Apple Mac and never looked back. This mixture of technical and creative background has served me well in my career – it gave me an unconventional skill set and approach to problem solving that wouldn’t be taught through formal education. I love finding clever ways of solving problems that wouldn’t have been immediately obvious. One reason I love working for JDO is that I get the opportunity to use equipment that you don’t typically find in other studios, allowing us to determine that what we are creating actually works as intended.

Whilst attending the wedding of a family friend in India, I met my wife – hooked by her beautiful smile. Wary of marrying their daughter into Western culture – after two years and several return trips, I finally convinced her family they could trust the ‘gora’ and we were married in Amritsar. Could be a good Bollywood movie? We have a gorgeous son, who is by far my proudest achievement in life. He’s turning out to be a technology geek like me.

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