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Client Business Director
Gin & tonic and books make me happy. Goosebumps are my barometer for life. I don’t do mediocre.

I use goosebumps to tell when something is great. It could be music, a speech, a gesture, an act of kindness, a great piece of work. That moment when you get goosebumps is what tells me we’ve got it right. I live for those moments. It’s what makes effort and hard work worthwhile. Why do good when you can do great?

I studied economics for years, and at degree level I diversified into marketing and consumer behaviour. Because the fundamental flaw with economics is the assumption that we are all rational creatures. And we’re not. We’re emotional. Good design must sell, be effective and deliver on the bottom line, but if it doesn’t tap into an emotion then you’ve lost before you even started.

I’m lucky enough to have worked on great brands (Sony, Apple, Disney, Glenmorangie, Johnnie Walker, Cadbury et al) but also had great leaders (Steve Jobs was my CEO when I worked at Apple, my first boss at Sony taught me that you can win the argument but lose the person, Mary Lewis showed me how to do premium branding). But your colleagues are what make you better. My colleagues at JDO and the clients we work with make me better every day.

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