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PA & Office Manager

Driven, organised, animal lover. 

Becoming an executive PA has always been my ambition in adult life. My job goal to reach.

Growing up I learnt you had to work hard for what you want, for what makes you happy. Life can be boring unless you make the journey enjoyable.

I strive to always have a new goal to reach after the one I've achieved. Professionally and personally JDO gives me the ambition to drive those goals, no two days are the same with this fast-paced industry and the amazing creative minds which make it happen.

I have a bucket list of adventures that I try to tick off at least once a year, from skydiving in Dubai, scuba diving in the Maldives, a hot air balloon over the Sussex countryside to becoming a homeowner.

I love to be organised although I also love how I don't know what tomorrow's day will hold.

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