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Account Executive

Illustrator. Football fanatic. Chinese dumpling enthusiast.

I’m super excited to have joined the team at JDO. I’m looking forward to playing my part in bringing great creative solutions to fruition and I’m keen to learn and develop in my role as account executive.

I studied illustration at university, and I love illustration that explores the quirky and unusual. I also love team sports. I’m a regular player of badminton and I spent a lot of my time at university playing Quidditch – yes, I do mean the sport from the Harry Potter series. As bizarre as it sounds it was a fun and social sport with people from all backgrounds welcomed into the community. I now belong to a women’s football team and come rain or shine, we compete in league games across Kent. 

I’m a keen cook and am always on the lookout for new recipes to try out. One of my favourite things to make are Chinese dumplings, they’re delicious and incredibly moreish.


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