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Senior Client Manager

Sunshine seeker, Travel lover, Bookworm.

With a degree in Graphic Design, and a long background working in hospitality, I have recently merged my love of working with people and design into the Client Services side of agency life here at JDO. Booze seems to follow me around - from serving it in country pubs to helping to deliver its beautiful design! 

I have a passion for the traditional, especially when crafting design. From bookbinding to letterpress, I enjoy all the little details that make a product really special; from the colour of the thread to the paper stock or a foil emboss, attention to detail is everything.

In my spare time I love to travel, whether that’s a busy New York city-break or lounging on the beach in sunny Spain. If I’m eating, drinking, travelling or on a beach somewhere, I’m a pretty happy girl! When at home, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a cuddle with pets or a long dog walk in the countryside...leading to the pub of course!


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