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Production Manager

Can I create order out of chaos?

....I guess thats what I’ve always tried to do.

For me, it is all about attention to detail, even detail that may never get noticed. I love it.

The suspension on my bikes, the crafted logos and sharp graphics, the technical perfection of a formula one car. I take great satisfaction in order and knowing that I’ve pushed myself and others to get it right.

It’s a constant learning process, one that you never tire of, in the same way that riding a trail you have never ridden before always shows your limits and then leaves you wanting to improve them.

I like to think we apply this logic at JDO.

After studying packaging and product design, I took a temporary position at an industrial printers to tide me over. Here I was immediately drawn to the dark arts and wizardry of printing that most will never see - and I haven’t looked back!

Design should always lead the way and its hugely satisfying being able to see you have steered it in the right direction.

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