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JDO Ambassador

Born and raised until my early teenage years in Nigeria. Born in the jungle actually, in a teeny tiny place called Usulu-Uku to be exact (can't find it on Google Maps - try!). 

My father is Dutch and my mother Nigerian. Due to the nature of my father's job we moved around a lot. I always changed schools and constantly had to make new friends. It never bothered me really and I think it has shaped me into the person I am today.
My childhood experiences led me to pursue life in many different places. I have lived in New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Vietnam to name a few. In each of these places I did something different work wise until I found my calling in the creative industry - mainly in PR and marketing in the fashion industry.
I love travelling - I have been to 48 different countries and can't wait to see more! I'm a bit of a nomad actually but ever since I had my two lovely boys, I've had to calm down a bit on the traveling and I have settled down in 'sunny' Tunbridge Wells.
My motto in life is, grow through what you go through. Life is full of experiences - learn from them and crack on!

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