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Client Manager

True crime aficionado. Pescatarian. Doesn't do camping. 

With a degree in Marketing with Advertising, before joining the client services team at JDO I spent three years in the busy world of photoshoot production, specialising in working with luxury & hospitality brands. Working for JDO has brought together my passion for all things beauty & self-care and my eye for detail, with my experience looking after creative projects. 

What I love about working in the world of packaging design is the end result - the thrill it gives consumers when you see a beautiful product in store or online and that urge to purchase and have that product for your own. It’s fascinating how the brand’s identity relates to your own and how the products you buy intrinsically reflect how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. 

Outside of my work for JDO, I love exploring European cities, drinking rosé and befriending any cat I come across (not necessarily in that order). I also have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with true crime documentaries but we don’t need to get into that.




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