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Client Director

A strange obsession with architecture and contrasting landscapes has led me to travel to some crazy corners of certain countries and cities.... however my love of beaches where the blue sky hits the land which then falls into the soft blue of the ocean have to be my absolute fave places.

11 yrs in Australia (where I went with a backpack and came back with a hubby, child and a mortgage) turned me into a serial long haul flight traveller. I think I almost had long haul travel down to a T (having spent literally days/weeks on flights). Then we moved to the tropics of Singapore for 6 yrs and had 2 more children and the whole long haul magic was gone (flying long haul with small children is never fun) so I enjoyed finding the ultimate beaches and hidden gems of SE Asia and rebranding the iconic Tiger Beer.

I have experienced agency life in some fantastic cities, worked with many amazingly talented people and awesome clients. I love the teamwork, the collaborations, building relationships and true friendships and of course the variety of projects and evolution of brand design. I am now putting roots down in the UK and am working on my own piece of contrasting architecture, a Georgian House renovation for my family and a puppy! Life is busy and I wouldn't have it any other way (apart from maybe living on a beach with a glass of rose in my hand!).

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