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JDO’s Halloween Concept Tempts Us All to Give In to Sin

Bubble, boil & BREW! Halloween is here again, and the terrifying team at JDO has been burning the midnight oil to bring to life a bewitching beer concept inspired by the evil that lives within us all…

Introducing, Stocks Brewery’s Seven Deadly Sins IPAs, a totally twisted seven-pack of creepy crafty beers that celebrate vanity, venom and vice. With sin-titillating flavours like Bitter Lemon Envy and Filthy Passionfruit Lust, these pestilent pints will tempt your appetite and rot your soul.


Rejecting the dusty tropes of traditional haunted lore, Stocks Brewery’s Seven Deadly Sins IPAs electrifies the spooky season with powerful pops of bright, unexpected colours that slash and clash, commanding attention as lure helpless, thirsty humans to give in to sin.

The essence of each evil is reflected with a unique, boo-spoke typeface. Wrath is frenzied and full of rage while Sloth’s lazy drawl can’t even finish its lettering. And when you look closer, you’ll see that something wicked lurks beneath - intricate illustrations that stylishly symbolise each sin – a gluttonous pig, a greedy diamond and a prideful peacock feather.


The logo for Stocks Brewery tells the tale of medieval punishment, when wrongdoers were put on display and publicly shamed for their transgressions. This also served as inspiration for the structure of this deviant seven-pack with each miscreant beer locked securely in a pillory.

Communications for Stocks Brewery are lively with a dark sense of humour, prodding and provoking consumers to ‘Live in Sin’ as it teases and taunts that “Being bad is thirsty work.” Sitting in an angsty, moody world of darkness, the brand flips the script by crowning each sinful can with an ironic halo of light, calling out to our inner demons, like moths to a flame…


“Every Halloween, we look forward to creating a concept that shocks, spooks and surprises,” comments Andy Briscoe, Creative Director at JDO. “Our concept for Stocks Brewing’s Seven Deadly Sins IPAs does just that, delivering something different that distorts predictabilities while keeping the essence of what gets people excited about this most macabre season.”

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