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Hennig-Olsen Toppings

JDO creates fantastical worlds for Hennig-Olsen’s new range of ice cream toppings

Global brand design agency JDO has designed a range of ice cream toppings for leading Norwegian ice cream brand, Hennig-Olsen. The new design captures the imagination with a range identity that transports indulgence seekers of all ages to tantalising worlds of magic and wonder. 

To debut this new line, Hennig-Olsen briefed their agency partners at JDO to craft a solution that delivered excitement into the category whilst also leveraging the brand’s heritage as Norway’s oldest and most beloved ice cream brand. The design needed to be packed with personality and super-fun energy that appealed to children and adults alike on the search for ice cream happiness.


Inspiring endless curiosity, JDO’s design uses candy-coated colours and playful illustrations to bring these fantasy worlds to life. A hot air balloon floats over a range of sweet fudge mountains while a canoe cascades through strawberry sauce rapids; a man swings from the trees in a black liquorice jungle as a hiker sets up camp in hazelnut forest. With tasty detail and delicious charm, each package tells a unique product story whilst bold red stripes unify the range with impact, connecting it back to the motherbrand. 


“This project was simply a joy to work on. We took a ‘more is more’ design approach and were able to really let our imaginations run wild,” comments Ray Smith, creative director at JDO. “This playful exuberance, however, is carefully balanced with elements that keep the design contemporary and fresh - bold colour, a graphic illustration style, and the clean lines in the background. In this way, it does just enough to ignite curiosity and build happy emotions.”



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