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JDO Clinches a Hat Trick with Three Wins at the Harpers Design Awards

We are proud to share that JDO has recently secured three prestigious awards at the Harpers Design Awards for our work on The Glenlivet Original Stories Series, The Glenlivet Twist & Mix, and Jing Healthcare No. 1.

These accolades recognise the paramount role of design in the success of spirits and commend excellence within the industry. In an era where consumers are increasingly discerning, JDO's award-winning designs have proven to be a crucial differentiator, ensuring products not only capture attention on the shelf but also engage consumers through a blend of artistry and narrative.

The Glenlivet Original Stories - A Limited Edition Series: SILVER

We took home our first award for our work on The Glenlivet Original Stories, a Limited Edition Series from Pernod Ricard. Collaborating with the iconic single malt whisky brand, we crafted a design that pays homage to the brand's heritage.

The 'Illicit Still,' the inaugural release in the series, ingeniously evokes the brand's clandestine origins, capturing the spirit of an era when hidden stills in the remote Glenlivet valley birthed exceptional Scotch whisky. The packaging design, inspired by the oldest available Glenlivet bottle, effectively communicates the brand's illicit origins while ensuring a commanding presence on the shelf.


The second release, 'License Dram,' honors George Smith's historic achievement of obtaining the first legal license for whisky production in 1824. The packaging masterfully blends heritage and modernity, featuring the original 1824 license on the outer packaging, artfully distressed to reflect the passage of time.



The Glenlivet Twist & Mix: BRONZE

The Glenlivet Twist & Mix, a new launch from The Glenlivet, exemplifies the brand's commitment to breaking traditions and setting new standards in the category. This innovative offering aims to elevate at-home entertaining by providing a premium, crafted experience without complexities. Our stylish and inviting design challenges assumptions about ready-to-serve cocktails, creating belief in a premium cocktailing experience to be enjoyed at home.


Jing Healthcare No.1: BRONZE

Our redesign of Jing Healthcare No.1 adds another award to its collection. The exquisitely revamped packaging seamlessly merges traditional Chinese medicine mastery with modern luxury to position the brand as China's premier premium healthcare spirit.



We're absolutely thrilled about our success at The Harpers Design Awards and want to share these honours with our hardworking team and incredibly savvy clients. These awards not only acknowledge JDO's creative ingenuity but also celebrate our ability for capturing the genuine essence of each brand through captivating designs that truly connect with the values and preferences of today's consumers.


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