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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

JDO Collaborates with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation on "Unlocking a Reuse Revolution" Study

As the world grapples with the escalating challenges of plastic waste and pollution, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has taken a proactive step by initiating a comprehensive study focusing on the benefits of adopting and scaling reusable plastic packaging. International creative agency JDO actively participated in this study, contributing its expertise in delivering design-led brand and packaging solutions that meet both environmental and economic demands.

Developed with insights from over 60 leading organisations, including the European Investment Bank, national governments, reuse experts, and major brands and retailers such as PepsiCo, Danone, The Coca-Cola Company, and Unilever, this ground-breaking study illustrates that when scaled up with the right approach, returnable packaging can compete economically with single-use packaging for specific products.

As the design lead of this initiative, JDO ran a collaborative design workshop alongside innovation managers and sustainability experts from various brands, retailers, and start-ups. Together, they delved into the intricacies of returnable packaging design, placing a strong emphasis on standardisation and pooling. JDO's significant contribution included envisioning future standardised reusable packaging.

Philip Stevenson, Managing Director of JDO London, emphasised the design sector's pivotal role in harnessing the opportunities of reusable packaging, stating, "The journey towards circularity will take commitment, close collaboration, and creative minds. As 'problem-solvers' at heart, the brand design team at JDO can help balance all stakeholder needs to unlock the best solutions. We look forward to working with retailers, manufacturers, brand-owners, NGOs, and policymakers in achieving that goal."

Commenting on the positive vision offered by the "Unlocking a Reuse Revolution" study Mark Buckley at The Ellen MacArthur Foundation emphasised, "It's time for a reuse revolution. Embracing this opportunity helps us combat plastic pollution, reduce strain on natural resources, and move closer to net zero. The study shows the power of commitment and collaboration, and JDO played a key role in illustrating how aligning packaging structures can bring significant benefits and efficiencies to reusable packaging in terms of procurement, transport, sorting, cleaning, and storage."

JDO's active involvement in 'Unlocking a Reuse Revolution' reaffirms its dedication to sustainable design solutions, marking a significant stride towards a circular economy. The agency eagerly anticipates further collaborative efforts with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In fact, just this week, Buckley and Stevenson presented the "Unlocking a Reuse Revolution" study at Packaging Innovations & Empack in Birmingham. Addressing an audience of designers, developers, suppliers, and industry leaders, JDO and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation aim to ignite creativity and foster conversations that drive positive change in sustainable packaging practices in Europe and beyond.





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