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Boma joins the ‘Change Makers’ at the Pentawards Design Festival

At JDO, we celebrate diversity and inclusion and believe it is the key to
building a stronger, brighter future for both our culture and our industry.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that our very own cultural champion, Boma Krijgsman, will be participating on the ‘Change Makers’ panel at this year’s Pentawards Festival.


Boma will be in the good company of John Glasgow of Vault 49 and Lawrence Lartey of Ravensbourne University as they explore ways to bring diversity and inclusion from the sidelines and into creative studios.

“To me, diversity and inclusion isn’t just about giving opportunity to traditionally maligned groups, though that is important,” comments Krijgsman. “It’s about evolving our industry in a way that follows the cultural tide. If we are going to continue to produce brave creative work that represents and resonates with consumers, then we’re going to need new voices to join the conversation. To me, it’s absolutely critical and incredibly exciting – after we break down barriers, just imagine what’s possible.”

The Change Makers panel will take place on 22 September at 11.40am on at the IMAX Theatre.

Want to talk to Boma? Contact us here to schedule a meet-up at the festival.

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