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Absolut EOY

JDO Gets Into The Mix, designing Absolut’s co-creation with Olly Alexander

Absolut Vodka is set to end 2023 on a high with an electrifying collaboration with the multi-talented musician, actor, and LGBTQ+ activist, Olly Alexander. Independent design agency, JDO, played a pivotal role in this extraordinary partnership by crafting a one-of-a-kind Absolut bottle and bringing Olly Alexander's original concept to life.

The highly anticipated limited edition is scheduled for a global launch in October 2023, available in almost 50 markets worldwide.



Believing that life is more exciting when you mix things up, Absolut is a true advocate for quenching the thirst for progress. By mixing up different ideas, individuals, and libations, their vision is to be the global spirit of positive change. From the outset, JDO was there, pinpointing partnership possibilities and breathing vibrant life into the brand’s disruptive yet meaningful "Born to Mix" ethos.

"Olly was an inspired choice for the collaboration,” comments Paul Drake, Co-Founder and Creative Director at JDO. “With a unique, profound voice, he uses his platform to offer representation and inspiration to all, which perfectly aligns with Absolut's values. Our goal was to capture his infectious energy and positivity in a design that takes Absolut to new heights."

The new design introduces sleek lines that enhance the Absolut bottle's aesthetics while preserving its iconic silhouette, signalling that this edition is truly exceptional and unparalleled. Notably, the front and back labels of the bottle interact to create a sense of depth, drama and engagement.



Inspired by the idea that we are all unique, but not alone, Olly's artwork captivates with a crescent-shaped mosaic pattern of dazzling colours coming together. The concept celebrates everyone being different and symbolises that with our individuality, we’re all important parts of a greater whole.

JDO adapted this artwork by incorporating it into the bottle's design, utilising both the front and back labels to craft a stunning stained-glass effect. The medallion at the bottle's centre further showcases this enchanting mosaic pattern. “When you set about making a mosaic, you start with a bunch of odd-shaped bits, but there's always a perfect space for every piece, however unique and they always fit together to create something beautiful,” comments Drake. “In a similar fashion, this bottle underscores the importance of unity to spread Absolut's 'Born To Mix' message worldwide.”


Debasree Dasgupta, Global Vice President, Absolut Vodka, comments, “Absolut Mosaik is our latest launch as part of our ongoing commitment to celebrating the power of diversity and reminding us of how colourful the world can be when we embrace each other's differences; the vibrant, colourful bottle designed by the formidable Olly Alexander is the perfect embodiment of how we are each a piece of a greater whole in society.”


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